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Fixing the PAC Tool Color Failure Within the PDF - A Quick Fix within the PDF

PAC Error:

WCAG, 1.4 Distinguishable, 1.4.3 Contrast (Minimum), Contrast of Text insufficient contrast


You may have a need to fix color contrast in one spot of a multi-page PDF and do not have time to go back to the source file to make the color adjustment. Of course, when you have time, you will go back to the source file and make the color contrast adjustment there as well.

Caution: Use the following method only when there are no complex images.

Your Action Steps

Object Properties Color Tab, Convert Colors Button
Object Properties for Text Where Color Contrast is Insufficient

1.       In Adobe Acrobat Professional, Activate the Tag Tree.

2.       Within the Tag Tree, expand the tag with the text contrast color issue and

3.       Right-click the Text Object container in the Tag Tree and select Properties from the pop-up context-sensitive menu.

4.       In the Object Properties dialog box, select the color tab.

5.       On the color tab make sure the Rending Intent select is set to Relative Colorimetric.

6.       Select the Convert Colors button.

7.       Close any open dialog boxes.

8.       Run the PAC test again.

Helpful Links on Color Settings

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