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Accessibility Resources

For Decision Makers and Implementers

Electronic Accessibility

Our training provides Decision Makers and Implementers with learning resources and an action plan making compliance with applicable laws and standards a understandable process.

The action plan answers questions regarding sources of authority, methods, and tools.

The resources provide practical, proven answers to the question: How do you meet accessibility requirements?

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Decision Maker's Resource

Provides a firm foundation to create an effective and efficient accessibility strategy for your business.

Implementation Courses

The training for Implementers provides a foundation for effective and efficient remediation and validation.

Training Resources

Training Resources

Decision Maker's Resource

The Decision Maker's Resource has a modular design with interactive sessions examining what compliance requires and providing an action plan to support your business needs.

Modular Sessions

The sessions provide an overview of the law and applicable standards along with reference to mechanisms and groups providing authoritative implementation practices.


The Decision Maker's Resource includes links to products; providers; policy process planning; and code repositories.

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The Implementation Courses

The goal of the implementation courses is to provide a foundation for effective and efficient design and remediation methods.

Remediation Track:

(1) Provides how to prepare source documents (word processing; spreadsheets; slides) for conversion to the .pdf format.

(2) Provides how to process and validate elements within the .pdf file to conform with the applicable standard.

Web App/Site Track:

(1) Provides resolution for the Ten most common issues and includes code samples.

(2) Provides an overview of testing tools and methodology.

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Inclusive Experience

The whole point of electronic accessibility is to ensure all user's have a comparable experience, not separate but equal.

While there is no sure method to create a 100% perfect user experience, you can make sure all users have a comparable, barrier-free experience.

Word cloud: the value of accessibility: clarity, flexibility, robust.
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