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How to measure quality work to achieve accessible results?

Business man with arm outstreched, holding a key symbolizing the key to measuring success.

Is it certifications?

Years of experience?

Not necessarily.

Quality results depend on

  • How well accessibility techniques are used in design and coding in support of business needs to ensure all users have a comparable experience.

  • Use of both manual and automated testing methods and tools allowing WCAG AA and AAA level evaluation as well as adherence to the appropriate national standard throughout the development cycle.

Applications and Websites - quality comes from

Using techniques similar to the DHS Trusted Tester (TT) methodology and tools, both manual and automated, to test the DOM and all aspects of usability.

Documents and Media - quality comes from


Designing for usability and validating to the Matterhorn protocol.


Designing for usability and validating to WCAG guidelines and the applicable national standard.


Two Action Steps

1) Manage Accessibility through organizational policy

Opens link in new window - dequeUniversity logo with text, Comprehensive Web Accessibility Curriculum

Select the dequeUniversity logo to the left to view the article, Manage Accessibility through Organizational Policy.


2) Follow the ISO 14289-1, PDF/UA - universal accessibility standard for PDF remediation

Opens in new window to

Summary by Kenny Moore

Author of Accessible PDF | Tagged PDF

"ISO 14289-1 (PDF/UA - universal accessibility) is the authoritative worldwide standard for PDF Accessibility.

The Matterhorn Protocol provides compliance criteria. PAC v2 ... is excellent to the extent that checking can be automated - knowledgeable human inspection is also essential.

The PDF/UA Reference Suite provides best-practice examples - including a form.

The key to removing the ambiguity of conflicting information that you - and all of us - are experiencing is to embrace the ISO standard.

If I produce a form that is demonstrably PDF/UA compliant, and it does not work with a specific tool, then that tool is broken and the tool provider needs to fix it."

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