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How to Get Up to Speed

LIghthouse in the dark - your way forward

Have you been relying on self-taught developers to perform accessibility testing and remediation?

Are you surprised when your Accessibility Analyst provides reports demonstrating areas of non-compliance?

Need recommendations on how to build accessibility into your organization's approach to web design?

Here's how to get up to speed

Training Resources

  • DEQUE University - The courses here provide detailed examples.

  • DEQUE Blogs - The information is current and relevant to today's issues.

TPG (formerly The Paciello Group)

  • TPG Tutor - All new courses on how to make accessibility coding work.

  • Blog - Information-packed articles by industry-recognized professionals

WCAG Guidelines - The source, newly reorganized – Tutorials

Community Learning Opportunities

Linked In

  • Sign up for Accessibility Discussion Groups

  • Watch for Accessibility articles


  • Sign up for the Community Newsletter / set email preference to receive new posts daily.

  • Don’t try taking the certification tests until after you have taken the training courses.

  • There is a membership fee but well worth it.

Additional References WCAG 2.0 Checklist

DigitalA11Y – Accessibility Cheat Sheets

Helpful Narrative – Signal v. Noise blog

Accessibility Culture

Medium – Accessibility Articles

WeCo Free Accessibility Research Library

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