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Great Resource – Not Just for Retailers but for ALL Pages

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

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Helpful Tips

Derek Featherstone published a blog entry on September 20, 2016 entitled, 10 Things People with Disabilities Wish Online Retailers Knew,

This is a great resource for ALL online pages. Derek reviews not only the issues facing users but also provides options for the site owner to eliminate the barrier.

Derek provides insights regarding how users react to websites where they have trouble navigating or understanding a site and also how to:

  • make images usable regardless of how the image is accessed

  • make videos effective

  • make color schemes inclusive

  • allow users to easily find what they want

  • target the information on the website

  • avoid elements which turn users away

  • make key elements on the site, such as store checkout, easy to use

  • allow users to provide feedback

As Derek indicates, “… inclusive design helps everyone…”

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