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Solution to Footnote Text as Image Rather than Text in a PDF

File folder with sticky note text, "Helpful Tips"
Helpful Tips

Options to deal with text which converts to a figure in the PDF where the text can't be captured as text in the tag tree:

(Option 1) Manually associate text

  • Open the Touch Up Reading Order (TURO) tool,

  • select the <Fig> tag,

  • select the Paragraph icon in the TURO tool, and

  • associate the text to new Paragraph tags; this may also require deleting the figure and, using the Edit tool, adding text manually.

(Option 2) Auto Tag Feature

  • Activate Tag Annotations

  • Activate the Auto Tag Feature

(Option 3) Separate Page

  • Extract the page with the issue as a pdf file,

  • Activate Tag Annotations in the file just created (for the individual page),

  • Activate Auto tag.

  • Review the tag tree and make appropriate corrections.

  • In the original file, artifact the tags for the individual page and remove tag tree elements for that page.

  • Use the Combine Pages feature to insert the one page (you created as an individual file and tagged) and delete the original page.

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