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Resolved - Screen Reader reads AEM Check box Caption as Blank or Repeats Text It Has Already Read

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

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While a check box may seem to be constructed properly or according to the business content owner instructions, screen reader software may not perceive the check box and may read it as blank or repeat text it has already announced.


The answer is to remove extra spaces either at the beginning or end or following a formatting change or a symbol. Another design issue which may cause the same screen reader software problem is when you overlap check box fields with a paragraph block.


AEM can handle only one property for each text block or field, such as formatting (bold or italics) or a symbol (registered trademark for example). When formatting is mixed with spaces and text, AEM reverts to HTML in the underlying architecture (XML) and interprets spaces as a stop or blank. The stop is announced by screen reader software as "blank" or the screen reader software may repeat what it has already announced.

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