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Understanding the value of integrating accessibility

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Your first reaction

without in-depth accessibility experience may include thinking accessibility implementation is a bottleneck to moving forward with the release of applications, websites, and files.

You may have questions similar to:

  • Why can't we just push a button?

  • Why isn't there an application plug-in?

  • If the PDF file was remediated last month, why does it need to be done again when we update the Word document?

  • Why are we doing this since we know all of our customers and they are not disabled or using assistive technology?

The answer would be one of attitude - are you serving your customers, or not?


Yes, there are automation tools available similar to the frameworks and libraries programmers use to code.

However, similar to web and application programming, to benefit from the use of accessibility automation tools, you have to know the standards and how to apply the rules.

  • While there are automation tools, there is no single automation solution allowing one-button remediation for documents, websites or applications.

  • Each time a document is converted to PDF format, the file created is new; all changes made in the previous version of the PDF are overwritten. [same file name assumed]

  • What you are doing with remediation is adjusting attributes, properties, and tags to help make the communication electronically consumable for all.

Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) accessibility is the law, the right thing to do, and benefits everyone.

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