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Solution for Power Point Table Converts as an Image to the PDF Tag Tree

When is a Power Point Table not a Table?

You may encounter a situation where you have constructed a table in a Power Point slide and have converted the slide deck into a PDF.

However, within the PDF Tag Tree, the Table is not displaying as a Table tag but as a Figure. You have checked the Power Point slide for any problems as well as checking settings within Power Point.

Simple Solution

The solution to getting the Table to convert into the PDF Tag Tree appropriately is to check if Alt Text has been provided for the Table within Power Point.

Alt Text Triggers Figure Tag Mapping in the Adobe Acrobat

Remove the Alt Text for the Table in the Power Point slide. This removes the mapping trigger and allows the conversion to PDF to create the Table using standard Table structure in the PDF Tag Tree.

Tables should not have Alt Text applied. Tables can have Captions within the Power Point and/or can have a Summary in the PDF but you only apply the Summary using tools within Adobe Acrobat Professional.

A Table Summary is not Alt Text. The Table Summary is a different object type from Alt Text.

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