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Adobe Acrobat Pro Not Displaying Tags

You may have the experience where one person can view the PDF and see the tags in the Tag Tree but another person on a different computer will not see the same tags. Both users have the same versions of software and Windows.

Check the Tag Tree Context-Sensitive Pop-up Menu

Right-click a tag in the Tag Tree and look for the following option: Apply Role Mapping to Tags. Select the option to activate it. Right-click a Tag in the Tag Tree again and you will notice the option will have a check-mark next to it. The checkmark indicates the option is activated.

Four Friends of the Tag Tree

The PDF Tag Tree has four friends which should be activated. These friends assist with accessibility and usability.

Four friends of the Tag Tree activated
Tag Tree - Four Friends

Tag Annotations (helpful for hyperlinks and fields)

Document is Tagged PDF (helpful for Accessibility)

Apply Role Mapping to Tags (helpful for Accessibility)

Highlight Content (helpful for working with a PDF file)

Check the Conversion Settings of the Source File's Adobe Conversion Plug-in

Another setting to verify is in the source application. For example, in Microsoft Word, the Main Menu ribbon may have the Adobe Plug-in.

Select the Acrobat Icon to open the Acrobat ribbon. Within the Acrobat ribbon, select Preferences. Within Preferences make sure the following option is not selected: Enable advanced tagging.

Word, Acrobat Preferences
Enable advanced tagging should be unchecked

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