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Designing for Accessibility - Getting Started Resource

Millions of interconnected nodes - a model of complexity

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to the design team new to accessibility.

So many do you know where to start?

Go to the source - W3C

The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) has redesigned their resource website. They have included detailed tips on design called, Tips for Getting Started Designing for Web Accessibility.

They provide detailed examples on what complies with the WCAG guidelines:

  • Provide sufficient contrast between foreground and background

  • Don’t use color alone to convey information

  • Ensure that interactive elements are easy to identify

  • Provide clear and consistent navigation options

  • Ensure that form elements include clearly associated labels

  • Provide easily identifiable feedback

  • Use headings and spacing to group related content

  • Create designs for different viewport sizes

  • Include image and media alternatives in your design

  • Provide controls for content that starts automatically (in fact don't allow items to run automatically)

Check it out!

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