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Add Pop-up Text to PDF for Image Alt Text and Table Summary Text

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

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VR Headset - a visual tool

Frequently, content owners want to have both Figure Alt Text and Table Summary Text display on mouse over within a PDF file. Sometimes Adobe Acrobat does not display Figure Alt Text and Acrobat does not display Table Summary text at all.

One solution is to add a form field button with the appropriate Alt Text or Table Summary text in the Properties tooltip.


  1. Prepare the tag tree by adding a paragraph tag with a form field tag nested within it. Have the form field tag selected when performing steps 4 - 7.

  2. Activate Tag Annotations in the tag tree.

  3. Open the Prepare Form tool.

  4. Select the Button icon and place the button in the area of the Figure or Table caption (when one exists) or directly over the image, in the case of a logo, or at the top of the figure or table.

  5. Provide a unique name for the field and add appropriate tooltip text. This tooltip text will display on mouse over.

  6. On the General tab of the field properties, in the Common Properties section, select the Visible but doesn't print option.

  7. On the Appearance tab, make sure the Border and line colors are set to none.

Note: the pop-up produced by this method does not allow formatting. If formatting is needed, you should implement the WindJack Solutions, Inc. method which requires scripting. This method allows several different kinds of formatting options. This method only works with Acrobat and does not work with other pdf viewers.

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