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PDF Tag Tree - Happy Options

Always activate four options in the Tag Tree when remediating PDF files:

· Tag Annotations

· Document is Tagged PDF

· Apply Role Mapping to Tags

· Highlight Content

The Tag Tree is one of the Navigation Panel options.

Tag Annotations Option Provides:

The Tag Annotations option will automatically create form field objects when the field is created using the Prepare Forms tool or if the form field is cut and pasted. Also, the option assists when creating lined Table of Contents entries. The <Link OBJR> tag creates automatically as the Link is created using the Edit PDF, Links tool.

Document is a Tagged PDF Option Ensures Accessibility Checks are Recognized:

Validation software and the Acrobat Checker may flag errors if this option is not selected.

Apply Role Mapping to Tags Associates Expected Roles Within the Dictionary

Role Mapping ties to the Dictionary which allows conformance with the ISO 14289 (PDF/UA) Standard for standard Adobe Tags. A lot of automatic system features are tied to this such as Bookmarks which use Heading Levels. A proper tag tree is how users of Assistive Technology will be able to perceive and navigate the content of the document.

Highlight Content

When selected, Highlight Content provides an outline around the page content of selected tag tree items. This is helpful to determine if any text has been separated and is not a full word. Also, you can determine location of content. It is a helpful tool to use to determine all content has been captured into the Tag Tree and is in the logical order according to the page layout.

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